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The Association of the Peasants of Fondwa (APF) is a national organization with the mission: to empower the local grassroots organizations to create wealth in their communities. APF started in Fondwa in 1988 and is now working throughout the country to establish Local Development Committees (LDCs) in all 572 rural communities to rebuild Haiti from the ground up. Currently, APF has 33 LDCs in 6 Departments including the Artibonite Valley, Central Plateau, South-East, South and Grand’Anse and one small group in each of the other five states. If you want to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti, you can get involved with us and we will give you the tools to do so.

We are asking the countries “Friends of Haiti” to invest in creating wealth in rural Haiti by financing one LDC ( Local Development Committee) or more

Our vision

Pull rural Haiti out of poverty and free from economic dependence

  • Develop strategies to rebuild Haiti from the ground up through the LDC ( Local Development Committee) at the Communal Section level. We assist the Local Grassroots Organizations to identify existing resources in their community, to add values to them in order to create job and business opportunities for the development of the community and for everyone in the community. We are in business of creating wealth in all of the 572 communities in rural Haiti. ( Write to ask us for the List Of Communal Sections in Haiti: give full contact info and donate)
  • “Transform rural Haiti through education, the empowerment of its people and the creation of wealth.
  • as example:

  • a) Taiwan : can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • b) European Union : can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • c) USAID: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • d) IDB : can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • e) World Bank: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • f) Japan Embassy: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • g) China: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • h) UK: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • i) Spain: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • j) Canada: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections
  • k) France: can finance 60 LDC /Communal Sections

    Executive Committee

    Father Joseph B. Philippe, CSSP
    Mrs. Carine Ténéus Jean
    Mrs. Carole Alexis Pierre
    (Internal Audit Director and Inspector of Economic Activities
    Rigaud Jerome
    Assistant Director of Internal Audit- / Supervisor of the Fondwa Credit Union "KOF"
    Dr. Edrix Alcimé
    MV Director of Animal Production and Animal care
    Johane Marcellus
    Director of APF Economic Activities
    Enel Beaulière
    Liaison Officer between UNIF and APF small peasant groups in Fondwa and Director of Radyo Zetwal
    Prof. Wiss Latouche
    VP of UFondwa Academic Affairs
    Thomas Moteler
    Administrator of Fondwa University
    Sr. Claudette Prévost
    CSSAF- Administrator of APF Center and St. Antoine Health Care Clinic
    Sr. Marie-Simone Achille
    CSSAF - General Director of Fondwa School and Director of the Fondwa Orphanage
    Dr. Elisabeth Bréa Ferrari
    Director of APF Health Care Clinic
    Josué Laporte
    Agr. Edner Charles
    LDC Program Director
    Rodrigue Constant
    Executive Secretary
     Ludsonde Lafontan
    Dean of UFondwa Agronomy School
    Chouloute Jerome
    UFondwa Director Of Student Works
    Sr. Marie-Ange Lops, cssaf
    Assistant-Accountant at The Office Of The APF Small Businesses
    Carl Brierre
    Chief Accountant (in Canada)

    APF Secretariate

    Johanne Chery
    Secretary / Receptionist
    Blondine Laguerre
    Assistant Accountant and Assistant of Internal Audit

    The Team Field

    Esai Félix
    Animator ( Field consultant)
    Makendy Sanon
    Secretary of Fondwa Office
    Ronald Alcimé
    Animator ( Field consultant)
    Sherline Joseph
    Small Working Group

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