APF seeks to empower peasants in rural Haiti to use their own resources to help themselves, the community of Fondwa, and the nearby villages.

Our vision is:

  • To support the peasants in identifying the problems in the community and establishing priorities.
  • To assist the peasants form small working groups in effort to develop basic infrastructure such as roads, water, health care, education and technical assistance in agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • To help the peasants increase agricultural production and income.
  • To help the peasants share their resources, experiences, and successes with the other rural communities in Haiti.

APF strives to share successes and lessons learned with the other 564 rural communities of Haiti through the University of Fondwa (UNIF) and the Secretariat National Congress of the Haitian Peasants (SEKONAPA). This university provides higher education and training to young Haitians in hope that they will promote sustainable development and become community leaders in their home communities.

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    Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa
    11 Rue Stephen
    Coin Delmas 60
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Phone: 509 28 13 1926
    Email: apf222@aol.com