Saint Antoine School

The Saint Antoine School began in our local church – some classes were held in makeshift classrooms, and others took place outside. With support from our partners, we started to build a permanent school in 2000. We built the first 3 classrooms, an office for the administration, and a storage room for our materials. However we had 725 students and 35 teachers, and needed an additional 14 classrooms to accommodate the children and staff. In 2001, we received more support from other committed partners and continued building the rest of the classrooms.

By 2010, the school was complete and was serving Fondwa and the surrounding communities. But like most things in Fondwa, the St. Antoine School collapsed in the earthquake. We were blessed that school was not in session, and no children died. Classes have continued – first under the trees, and then in temporary structures built with the assistance of our partners. A new school project is on the way to completion,  with help from JDC/Heart-to-Heart, Fonkoze, Family Health Ministries, and Partners in Progress. We are proud to report that the new structure is strong, resistant to natural disasters, and can accommodate all of our students and staff. Please view the gallery for updates on the project, as we invite you for the school inauguration on January 10, 2014.


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