What We Do

At the APF (Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa) we move with the resources that is available to us, so since the year 1988 till the disastrous effect of the earthquake of January 12, 2010 we have the following Impacts and Accomplishments:

  • Orphanage for 65 Children (leading them from kindergarten to University)
  • School of 700 children (kindergarten, elementary and high school)
  • Founded Haiti’s first and only rural University in 2004 (The University Of Fondwa)

with the goal to educating the students to transform radically rural Haiti. We are recognized by the Haitian Government and have the first group of 20 students graduated in 2009 in Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, and Management. We also have an International staff teaching in 4 languages: Creole, French, English and Spanish. We are in the process of running our University as a Working University in Rural Haiti.

  • Provide water to about 7000 people with 23 water reservoirs,
  • Provide Health Care Center for the people in the area
  • Creating several income-generating activities, like a Guest Center for

International visitors with an eco-tourism program, a bakery, a restaurant, a beverage Store, a cement dealership, a construction materials rental service, an auto parts shop, a pigsty, and a chicken coop.

  • Hiring a technical team of specialists (Agronomists, Veterinarian doctors,

Nurses, educators and administrators) to work on a permanent basis with the members of our organization.

  • Set up a Radio station to educate and inform the people in the area
  • Organized and developed a Guest educational program for international visitors (We receive about 300 International visitors every year)
  • Organized and developed a long-term International Volunteer Program (Have received about 50 International volunteers in this program for the past 10 years)
  • Planted about 500,000 trees in the area, in the last 10 years, to stop soil erosion (Organized agro-forestry program, develop about 15 model forest and create model gardens)
  • Built a 5 km road to give access to rural Fondwa (about half of it is paved)
  • Sending about 30 young people to study overseas in different specialties in

The United States of America, France, Trinidad, Cuba, and Costa Rica. All of those young people have returned home. They now represent the leadership of our organization and participate with us in the sustainable development of the community of Fondwa.

  • Offering courses to local youths in computer literacy and languages, but also in cooking, sewing, embroidery, baking, and carpentry.
    • Organizing many training sessions for local peasant organizations in

agriculture, animal husbandry, administration and accounting, model gardens, tree nursery, reforestation, seedling production, soil conservation, honey production, animal health and production, food production, project administration, etc

  • Establishing more than 30 cooperative projects with overseas partners – Canadian, American, French, Cuban, and Dutch – since 1993.
  • Welcome more than 50 international Volunteers who have stayed and worked with us in Fondwa for anywhere from six months to three years.
  • Since 1996, creating opportunities for a local Haitian religious order for

women (The Sisters of St. Anthony of Fondwa) to minister on a permanent basis with peasants living in rural Haiti.

  • Since 2005, providing a home to a retired African-American Holy Ghost priest.
  • Sending Fondwa peasants to participate in training in other parts of Haiti,

like: Marmelade, Papaye, Hinche, Jean Rabel, Limbé, Vallue, La Vallée, Dondon, etc

  • Organizing training for peasants from other parts of the country, like La Vallée, Petite Goâve, Beladère, La Gonave, etc.
  • Organizing a Credit Union.
  • In April 2008, initiated the first National Peasants Congress in Haiti with

the goal to develop a legal framework that would facilitate participation of Communal Sections in ruling the country and getting public services from the government for Haitian  residents  in the rural communities, which resulted in the creation of Haiti’s first Peasant Minister post.

24 years since founded, two years since the earthquake leveled our programs structure, yet, with the strong spirit and resilience of the people in the community, we are moving forward with the resources that are available to us. We are rebuilding!

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    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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