SEKONAPA is a group of Haitian peasants who have joined together to represent their communal sections and advocate for their needs. SEKONAPA has advocated for the creation of a Ministry of Peasant Affairs since 2008 and has been largely successful. The Haitian government officially appointed Mrs. Mimerose Felix as the Minister of Peasant Affairs and she is currently working with the US State Department to establish a solid structure and funding.

While SEKONAPA is not associated with APF, the creation of the Ministry has been a longterm goal of APF and one of our biggest accomplishments.

THE VISION: Create sustainable change for rural peasants, who represent more than 50% of the Haitian population.

THE MISSION: Create public policies that provide social and economic support for peasant sector.

THE STRATEGY: Create a platform to facilitate the collaboration of peasant organizations.

In April 2008, APF invited other Haitian peasant organizations to convene in Fondwa to collaborate on priorities and strategies. After agreeing upon common goals, the peasant organizations established the Central Committee of the National Congress of Haitian Peasants (SEKONAPA).

We have been featured on radio stations throughout Haiti spreading our message and informing peasants of rights that they were previously denied. Thanks to SEKONAPA, the people of rural Haiti are now informed of their rights and are demanding the public services that they deserve.

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