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How Can APF Partner with You?

1.) Establish a reciprocal referral partnership with APF. You have services that will benefit our people in Fondwa, Haiti and we have a place for you to visit, research, and vacation, volunteer or anything that can benefit your organization, your school/university, your church, your company or yourself. Simply just drop us a line with your contact information, name, address, email and phone number and tell us about your projects so that we might make appropriate referrals to your services.

2.) Tell your colleagues about the Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa. Encourage other agencies in your network to participate in APF USA delegation visit to Fondwa. Promote our 7 programs to your base. Find donors interested in financing our programs and projects. Our office in Washington DC and its representatives are always looking to meet with potential partners to better serve individuals and families in our communities and exchange ideas.

3.) Help APF train our employees and volunteers. We are looking for graduate students with matriculation in Non Profit Management, Public Administration, Public Relations and Communications also professionals like CPA, MBA, Computer/IT specialists to conduct workshops and seasonal training.

4.) Offer services, materials, or donations to APF. If you own a business or provide professional services, consider making a tax-deductible in-kind donation to APF. Our offices typically need food sponsors for trainings and workshops, as well as office supplies, office furniture, frequent flyer miles for trainings, lap top computers, and copying/printing services.

5.) Become an International Advisory Board member. APF seeks committed community partners to join Local Advisory Boards in our regions, which meet regularly throughout the year to help guide and advise client service and community engagement for APF USA offices. Your experience, ideas, and connections will help us ensure that APF continues to provide a valuable service to the Fondwa community.

6.) Join the APF USA office delegations to visit FONDWA, Haiti.

Contact us today to inquire about becoming a Partner of the Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa or to join a delegation.


To make a tax deductible donation online click here, or you can write a check to:

Raising Haiti Foundation
Post Office Box 21624
Washington DC 20009.

Thank You

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