Welcome to Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa

(Association of Peasants of Fondwa)

“Service to Rural Haiti since 1988″

APF is a national NGO of Haiti focused on grassroots development and empowerment in rural communities. Our organization is committed to alleviating poverty by providing resources that help Haitians help themselves. To learn more about APF, please watch the documentary “The Road to Fondwa”.  Read more about who we are and consider making a donation to our efforts.  Also, check out some previews to Jeff Kaufman’s upcoming documentary featuring APF’s founder Father Joseph Philippe.

APF-USA Foundation is a development Partner of APF Haiti (Asosyasyon Peyizan Fondwa).  Headquartered in Washington DC, APF-USA represents the interests of APF outside of Haiti.

APF-USA’s main mission is to secure financial and technical support for APF in Fondwa Haiti, and to conduct outreach for the programs and activities of APF through newsletters, social media, E-news, delegations to Fondwa, fund raising events, etc…. We aim to educate the general public and donors about rural Haiti and the peasants’ struggle for education, health care and basic needs.

Our beloved Fondwa, Haiti has been struggling since the 2010 earthquake to rebuild. Much progress has been made through your generous support and much remains to be accomplished. We invite you to read our most recent quarterly newsletter. Even in the face of more damage suffered since the earthquake of 2010 and the result of Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy, the members of the Peasant Association of Fondwa do not lose hope. They move forward with the resources available to them.

Please help assist APF in their rebuilding efforts, and consider making APF a part of your ongoing giving. We depend on your solidarity, your donations, and the strength we receive knowing you are by our side!

We hope to raise sufficient funds to help rebuild APF from the big loss since the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and continue to support APF’s important programs in Haiti, while providing donors due diligence. Currently, our fiscal sponsor is Fonkoze USA.  As our  501(c) 3 tax-exempt status nears completion, Fonkoze USA assists us in giving US donors access to all the tax advantages non-profits can provide, while also conducting the necessary due diligence on APF-USA’s operations.

Our Vision: “transform rural Haiti through education, the empowerment of its people and the creation of wealth”.

Our Current Priorities

  • To develop human resources & help sustain APF development programs.
  • To help APF rebuild from the ground up.
  • To make partnership with similar organizations, with similar interest.

To make a tax deductible donation online click here, or you can write a check to:

APF-USA Foundation
Post Office Box 21624
Washington DC 20009.

Thank You

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